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Three Myths Around Green Technology – Busted

When it comes to green technology there’s three main ‘myths’ or perceptions we frequently come across.

This is particularly the case when it comes to green heating systems, which use via infrared heating panels rather than boilers and radiators.

These ‘myths’ are completely understandable, because much of this technology is new, and little is known about it compared to the traditional solutions and systems we’re all used to.

The world is changing. We all need to start thinking differently and being open to new technology. This is especially the case if you’re in the business of building or providing homes.

Emissions targets, new regulations, bans are coming thick and fast, and everyone is going to need to comply.
So, let’s get myth busting….

Myth #1
Green heating solutions are expensive

Well, any new heating system put into a home is naturally going to be expensive, hence why people live in fear of boilers breaking down, and most GCH companies offer plans and support to help with cost. The question is, are green alternatives more expensive? The short answer is, not hugely, no, and there are great financial benefits that lie in the long-term savings possible (all the more so when integrated with other eco-products).

Myth #2
Green heating solutions are complicated and difficult to install

Nope! Our heating solutions are carefully designed to be able to be installed by a standard electrician or heating engineer and come with plenty of support from our team and full, clear installation guides.

If a builder is installing our whole house system of eco-products, they’ll all work seamlessly together and will be easy as pie for the end user too, as everything is Smart and operated via Apps.

Myth #3
Green heating solutions are for the future

If by ‘future’, you mean a couple of years’ time, then yes. Because a couple of years’ time is when the boiler ban is likely to come in, and house builders and providers will hardly want to put an expensive system in just to replace it when the law changes. Now is the time to be exploring, reviewing, and making decisions about the technology to use. Because not only will this keep you legally compliant, but it will position you well as a business ahead of the curve, installing innovative, eco-friendly energy solutions now.

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