Infrared Heating

How Much Do You Know About Infrared Heating Panels?

Have you heard of Infrared Heating Panels?

If you have, you may not know too much about them.

If you haven’t, read on, because you need to know.

Infrared Heating Panels are a new way of heating homes (and hotels and other buildings of course) which are not based on a water system.

They are a heater, but not a radiator.

The question is, why are they so important?

The reason they are so important is that by 2025 traditional boiler based central heating systems will not be allowed to be installed in new homes. For housing developers and housing associations it’s essential to put the right products in now, to avoid costly retro-fitting later. But even more than that, it’s an opportunity to enhance the appeal of new homes, with a more cost-effective, eco-friendly, and stylish contemporary look.

The next question is, how do Infrared Heating Panels achieve all of this?

It’s because….

  • They are easy to install
  • They are robust and reliable
  • They work with smart technology
  • They look stunning, enhancing the home
  • They are efficient and help save money
  • They integrate with a whole raft of other things to make the home totally eco-efficient
  • They are independently tested and proven to help home-builders and providers meet their legal obligations around emissions

Our Infrared Heating Panels are already being installed in new homes along with our other green technology solutions to meet energy efficiency goals.

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