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Situated in Burton Upon Trent, Project CÜRV are expert in renewable home solutions, offering versatile options including solar systems, battery storage, infrared heating, air-sourced hot water cylinders, and EV charging points for seamless retro-fit and new development applications.

Project CÜRV also has showrooms in Burton Upon Trent, Cardiff, and Swindon, if you would like to see the range of solutions that Project CÜRV has to offer, please enter your details at the bottom of this post.

Martin Roberts

In the world of property development and renovation, Martin Roberts stands out as a seasoned expert, having graced our television screens for nearly 17 years on shows like “Homes Under The Hammer” and “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.” A household name and a trusted figure in the industry, Roberts recently paid a visit to Project CÜRV, sparking excitement about the promising developments that lie ahead in 2024.

Roberts has not only entertained but also educated aspiring renovators on the intricacies of auctions, property development, and the importance of making informed decisions along the way. His presence in the property development sector has significantly contributed to the growth and knowledge of the audience, making him a respected figure in the field. Martin Roberts’ recent visit to Project CÜRV’s headquarters showroom, heightened anticipation as it showcased the seamless integration of these cutting-edge technologies into retrofit scenarios, aligning with Roberts’ expertise in property development. This collaboration signifies a promising future for sustainable living in 2024, where eco-friendly solutions play a central role in home renovations.

Project CÜRV is very excited about what lies in store as the relationship with Martin Lewis grows over 2024 and beyond.

To book a visit to any of our showrooms, please get in touch with the following.


Photo with Martin roberts and CURV team in front of a showroom board

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