Heating alongside Infrared Technology or GCH

Our sleek, smart electric powered hot water cylinder
curv air-sourced hot water cylinder

Hot Water Cylinder

For heating your water alongside infrared technology or GCH, opt for our sleek, smart electric powered hot water cylinder.

We’ve thought of everything at Projectcürv, so even our water heating cylinder looks stylish and contemporary, complimenting its many high performance features.

This alternative solution to heating your water is proven to save money and it can be installed by a regular plumber – no need for costly specialist support and maintenance.

curv air-sourced hot water cylinder

Reduced Energy Bills

  • Fast heat up time
  • Range of modes to work around your life including holiday, eco, and boost
  • High performance guaranteed under a five-year warranty
  • Easy to install by any plumber
  • Powered by electric, significantly reducing emissions
  • ERP rating A+
  • Reduces energy bills
Curb Infrared Radiators

Whole of house smart technology and green energy solutions

Achieving maximum energy efficiency and drastically reduced energy bills means thinking big. Which is why our experts at Projectcürv have looked at every aspect of powering the home and created a seamless, integrated, whole home solution.