Infrared Heating

Infrared Heating Panels – How Do They Work?

One of the many selling points of the Infrared Heating Panels we install in homes is that they are aesthetically pleasing, designed to enhance a room, make a feature.

This is because they can be positioned as a flat, sleek, Ocean White or Graphite Grey wall panel, act as a stylish mirror, or a funky looking towel rail. They offer great flexibility in where they are positioned and how they look.

We are all used to the need to position radiators in a specific place based on the concept of heating the air, which then rises, so how do these Infrared Panels work?

Well they work completely differently to traditional heating systems, because they don’t heat the air, they directly heat the people and objects in the room.

They are more efficient, in that warm air isn’t wasted as it rises, but stays in the lower part of the room rather than rising to the ceiling!

They are also;

  • Fast and responsive
  • Operated by Amazon and Google smart assistants
  • Fully flexible to be turned on and off in different zones across the house
  • Safe and with health benefits
  • Easy to install
  • Cost effective compared to traditional systems

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