The Future is Net Zero Emission Eco-Friendly Homes

Energy efficient heating, hot water and storage systems, green energy sources, and smart technology will eventually power all our homes.
3D Eco House

Our whole of house approach

Designed for maximum comfort, contemporary style, and energy efficiency for the whole home.

Net Zero Emissions is a government commitment and will impact hugely how we live. Energy efficient heating, hot water and storage systems, green energy sources, and smart technology will eventually power all our homes.

But why wait? Thanks to our pioneering team of green technology experts and developers, the solutions are available right here, right now.

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Elegance Range

Elegance Range Infrared Heaters

Air Sourced Hot Water Cylinders

Air Sourced Hot Water Cylinders

Integrated Solar Roof Tiles

Integrated Solar Roof Tiles

Power Store

Power Store

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Electric Vehicle Charging


You might be renovating your home, replacing your heating system, or looking to proactively lower your carbon emissions. Whatever your mission, ours is to give you the best products in the market.

For the eco-conscious and forward-looking homeowner, the cürv® range is a dream. It offers stylish, contemporary, high performance alternative green heating and energy storage solutions, which are smart, efficient, and cost effective.

When the world moves away from traditional boiler-based heating systems, with cürv, you’ll be ready.

The whole system fits together seamlessly, making green, sustainable living a reality.

curv trade


State of the art sustainable heating systems and products now available to trade customers at leading building, plumbing, and electrical merchants.

For builders, plumbers, and electricians looking to offer and install next generation eco-friendly products into customers’ homes, cürv® is the answer.

The product range includes alternatives to traditional GCH boiler systems which operate together seamlessly, are easy to install, and come with generous warranties.

Our high performance, stylish, and contemporary solutions heat homes and water, harness solar energy, and store power. Everything environmentally conscious homeowners need to reduce emissions and create the ultimate sustainable home.

By offering the future of heating solutions to customers now, you’ll be putting your trade business ahead of the curve.



If you’re a property developer, housebuilder, energy company, housing association, or in a related industry, you’ll be well aware of approaching emission deadlines, boiler bans, and energy targets.

Installing eco-friendly heating and energy solutions will be one of the biggest challenges the construction industry has ever faced.

We’ve developed an easy installation, smart, and cost-effective solution, so that your properties will not just be compliant, but exceed expectations on performance and style.

The state-of-the-art cürv range has everything you need to offer low emission, sustainable, contemporary living.

Curb Infrared Radiators

Whole of house smart technology and green energy solutions

Achieving maximum energy efficiency and drastically reduced energy bills means thinking big. Which is why our experts at Projectcürv have looked at every aspect of powering the home and created a seamless, integrated, whole home solution.