Project CÜRV

Why Green Heating Solutions Are A Win-Win

So the government recently announced considering pushing back a ban on domestic gas boilers by up to five years, but this week reverted their target back to 2026.

With any big change, there will be challenges, and this particular change has seen understandable concerns around cost and practicality.

However, we are working right now with home builders and home providers, who are taking the long-term view and reacting and preparing now for this change which is inevitably coming.

Being at the forefront of green heating solutions, we understand the issues, and this is what underpins our ‘whole house approach’. It’s not just about replacing one thing, one part of the solution (although you can).

For us, it’s about creating a whole eco-home, where the pieces slot together to create a win win outcome.

The gain for the environment of reducing emissions, and financial gain for the property owners as they reduce their energy costs – even selling the excess back to the grid.

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