Stylish, contemporary and energy efficient

Infrared technology is the future of low emission home heating and it’s available now.
Curv Infrared Towel

The Elegance Range

Stylish, contemporary, energy efficient. Infrared technology is the future of low emission home heating and it’s available now.

Our Elegance Range Infrared heating panels look fabulous, work efficiently, and are the safe, stylish, high-performance alternative to traditional gas boiler heating systems.

Infrared Heating works by using electricity to heat surfaces, objects, and people, not the air around them. This is a more natural, and efficient way of heating spaces. Heat is not wasted through draughts and air moving up to the ceiling where the heat is not needed, but instead, keeps a steadier thermal mass.

Curv Infrared Towel

Infrared Panels

Infrared Mirrors

Infrared Towel Rails


Infrared Technology

  • Sleek, slimline panels in contemporary neutral colours or stunning mirror finish
  • Safety features including child lock
  • Health benefits of Infrared, particularly for skin, respiratory, and circulation conditions, due to air and dust not moving around
  • Easy to install by any plumber, low maintenance
  • Robust and reliable non water system, therefore no risks of water leaks and cracked pipes
  • App based smart technology, compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google
  • Assistant voice controls
  • A choice of App or thermostat control
  • Significant energy cost savings
  • Low emission, sustainable heating
  • 15 year warranty
3D Eco House
Curb Infrared Radiators

Whole of house smart technology and green energy solutions

Achieving maximum energy efficiency and drastically reduced energy bills means thinking big. Which is why our experts at Projectcürv have looked at every aspect of powering the home and created a seamless, integrated, whole home solution.