The demand for Electric Vehicles is growing

We lead the market with smart, high performing and aesthetically appealing units.
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Electric Vehicle Chargers

The demand for Electric Vehicles is growing with the trend set to continue as petrol and diesel vehicles are gradually phased out.

Legislation to ensure all new buildings, both residential and non-residential have smart electric charging points installed is on its way.

As an innovator in EV charging points, we lead the market with smart, high performing, and aesthetically appealing units for homes, businesses, and commercial premises, for single cars or fleets.

Eva phone black

Top of the Range Smart Technology

  • Top of the range smart technology
  • Floor or wall-mounted
  • Full electrical and temperature protection
  • Compact design
  • Tested to European standards, with an OCPP v1.6 open chargepoint protocol
  • Controlled through the Project EV app
  • Five year warranty
Curb Infrared Radiators

Whole of house smart technology and green energy solutions

Achieving maximum energy efficiency and drastically reduced energy bills means thinking big. Which is why our experts at Projectcürv have looked at every aspect of powering the home and created a seamless, integrated, whole home solution.